Psyborg Gallery is a consultancy that connects artists and the public to NFT's and The Metaverse. We are able to advise artist's on best practices when minting and managing their own NFT's, while giving the public a professional service for acquiring NFT's with security as a number one priority, this is via one on one or group educational sessions.

The gallery is also home to a collection of fine art NFT's viewable in virtual reality and in a physical gallery in London's street art capital. A place that bridges the virtual world and physical; by showcasing new and established artists using leading edge display technology we aim to show the world what is possible in this exciting new space. Our galleries are a fusion between new digital/crypto artists and existing emerging and established contemporary and street artists.

Psyborg has been collecting art for the last decade heavily influenced by the street art revolution of the naughties and Banksy's "Exit Through the Gift Shop".

This passion for street art collided with the emergence of blockchain technology, buying his first Bitcoin in June 2013; in 2017/2018 Psyborg claimed a number of Cryptopunks, rescued some MoonCats and witnessed the start of the NFT revolution.

We work in collaboration with the NFT community and others to promote NFT art, artists and provide a space where artists and their works can be explored in a virtual space and in a bricks and mortar setting.

Using numerous online platforms we are open to the public as well as able host private events, onboard artists onto NFT platforms, create collections via smart contracts and curate shows for digital artists.

We also make virtual spaces available for hire, both short and long term leases.